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Patrick O'Meara (1930-2009)

This website is now dedicated to my father Patrick O'Meara who died on 5th May 2009. The Funeral has been conducted (see details here).

Thank you to all previous visitors of this site for your comments to my Dad. He was always happy to receive correspondence from around the world about his book.

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“Indian Tales” is a fascinating account of a British-Colonial military family who lived in India during the days of the British Empire and ended in 1947 at the time of Indian Independence.

It has all the elements of an historical novel – adventures, human relationships, tragedy, with a pleasant mixture of humorous anecdotes. The use of first-person narrative, in this case, is very effective, since it traces the life of a young lad growing up in India. The writing is polished and the use of anecdotes is a way of propelling the narrative.

There is little, if any, I would change in the story.

The experiences encountered by the family are heart-warming and interesting to a person who spent his life in a rather mundane Ohio city and later in California.

Patrick, I admire your story-telling technique and insight into the family members.

It was a privilege to be the first to read the entire “Indian Tales”. I think it has possibilities as a novel of general interest.

Joe Thesken. —“San Diego Evening Tribune” — San Diego, California, 1999.


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